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Egyptian Maus For Sale

​Egyptian Maus are medium sized, shorthaired cat breed. They are one of a kind naturally spotted domesticated cat. The spotted Mau is an ancient breed from natural stock; its look has not changed significantly as is evidenced by artwork over 3,000 years old. Unlike other spotted cats such as the Ocicat or Bengal cat, the Egyptian Mau is a natural breed

Other breeds are created from domestic breed outcross or, in the case of the Bengal cat, domestic outcrosses with wildcats.

 This is one reason that the Maus are also a very healthy breed! 

The spots of the Mau occur on both the coat and their skin underneath. 

Maus often possess very musical voices. They are known to chirp, chortle and emit other distinc voices when they want to:-))​

The back legs of Maus are longer than the front legs, and frequently land on their back feet when taking a leap. . Eye color is gooseberry green, and they are an Extremely intelligent cat

The breed conformation is described by The Cornell Book of Cats.

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​We produce all three colors, Silver, Bronze, and Smoke, of Egyptian Mau kittens, but our specialty is crystal clear SILVERS!
 Experienced shipper.
Or hand delivery is available!
All of my kittens are CFA registered, come with all kitten shots and a complete vet health exam before leaving. Plus a Written 1 year health guarantee!

 Fantastic green eyes!! This little girl is a stunning silver! She seems to gravitate towards people! $1100

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Awesome Silver female!! girls are $1100, pet pricing.

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This is a little prince, pure blue blood! LOL he thinks the whole world is his play ground and he is for sure going to enjoy it!
bronze male all personality! $950
A Egyptian Maul kitten is one of the most exotic breeds of cat that you will ever come across. The uniqueness of their breed lies within their bloodlines giving you an animal like no other. A Egyptian Mau is the only NATURALLY spoted domestic cat and has a history like no other! With pictures on the pharaohs tombs and they are still considered a national treasure of Egypt.

Maus are very loyal to their owners. Do not let the exotic spotting fool you that they have the temperament of a leopard or cheetah; these felines are very docile and lovable. They are also very personable and great companions. And fantastic for people who have allergies, as they are considered hypoallergenic.

Mau cats are higher energy than your average cat. Safari cats also, they are ready to go, they think nothing about pouncing on their playmates, chasing that ball, climbing those high cat condo towers. Maus & Safari cats - well cats, in general, do better in numbers. Maus love to splash in their water bowls, hang out with you watch over you when you shower, play fetch, They are easily trained to walk on a leash. But mostly they want! . However, they are a loyal bunch of fun fur.

I Love Maus 
Here is another stunning smoke boy, sharp contrast! emerald eyes! and the fabulous Mau personality!! $850
New litter!! You can reserve one now.