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Geoffrey Cats For Sale

What is a Geoffery cat?

The Geoffery a "rugged little power house" , with hauntly beautiful markings ". Coat color can varie from a silver to a burnt orange color. Depending on what part of the South American they orginate from.

They have the ocelli on the back of each round tiped ear. All, that is except what is know as a melanistic (black). 

The Geoffery is like most cats, nocturnal. They do most all of their hunting by night. Looking mostly for smallish vermon like rodents, birds and others. They are skilled climbers even able to catch prey from hanging upside down from a tree branch.

The Geoffery cat has a strange relationship to man kind. They are sot after for their pelts, they are also a companion animals as well as they help in rodent control.

Geofferys need a "experianced" owner or someone who knows they can spend alot of quality time with them. Geofferys are easily tamed and can be loving pets but they have to be in close contact with their owned so that they do not revert back to a wild nature.

A possible alternative to the pure Geoffroys is the Safari cat. The F1 Safari cats (1/2 geoffery and 1/2 Egyptian Mau) have turned out to be delightfully gentle creatures.

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