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About Us and Our Kittens for Sale Including Savannahs and Other Breeds

A burning passion for these amazingly wonderful creatures is the driving force behind our team of dedicated professionals. Here at Cattitude, our single-minded goal is to provide our clients with the best Savannah cats! The healthiest, most beautiful and largest SBT Savannah's available!

Are you looking to add a new cat to your family unit? Do you know what breed you are looking for? Do you want to purchase a full grown cat or start fresh with a kitten? Are you looking for a rare breed of cats? Would you like to be the owner of a new species of felines?

Look no further!

Through our team's concerted efforts and years of experience, we have developed methods and techniques to ensure the outstanding quality of our cats. When you purchase an Savannah or any other cat from our selection, you are assured of getting an outstanding companion you can share endless hours of fun with. 

At Cattitude, we make sure to keep our clients' best interests in mind. This is why we keep abreast with the latest developments and trends which help ensure the very best in the breeding, health, color and head shape of all our Geoffrey, Safari cats, Savannas and the Egyptian Mau for sale.

We stand by our commitment to deliver the perfect companion for you, based on your requirements.

At Cattitude, the pet you bring home is a friend for keeps.
Your source for healthy and exotic cats!
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STUNNING SAVANNAH F6 Male ready for his new Furever home! $1200
two silver spotted F6 females ready to go to their new families $1200