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Our Available Cats which include the Geoffrey Cat, Egyptian Mau, and Other Breeds!

Come and have a look at our wonderful selection of high quality cats. If you're looking for outstanding color, head shape, and intelligence, you've come to the right place.

Egyptian Mau : This medium sized, short haired cat breed is regarded as a natural breed dating back to ancient Egypt. This extremely intelligent cat is much sought after by cat lovers the world over with its beautifully spotted coat and skin. Its hind legs are longer than the front legs and it is known to land back feet first when they leap.  Contact us if you would like more information about our Egyptian Mau for sale as we almost always have new litters of kittens.

Safari Cat : Generally regarded as the hybrid with the most affectionate personality, this cat is so rare that there are only 100 of these registered in the US as of February 2013. A relatively new species of cat, the Safari is a rare breed due to the fact that producing one isn't all that easy. You see, the domestic cat (example: Egyptian Mau) carries 38 chromosomes. On the other hand, the Geoffroy cat only has 36! The resulting Hybrid Safari cat will have 37. Another extraordinary fact about this majestic cat is that while Geoffroys can range in weight anywhere from 6 - 9 lbs and the Egyptian Mau 8 - 12 lbs, the Safari F1 males are more likely to grow up to 25 lbs!

Geoffroy Cat : This exotic breed is about the same size as a regular domestic cat. They are characterized by brownish-yellow or grayish coats and dark bands on their tails and limbs. Known to be fast and intelligent, the Geoffrey cat is known to exhibit a trait common among meerkats and prairie dogs; that is, to stand up on their rear legs in order to better scout their surroundings.

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