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Safari Cats

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Q.What is a Safari? And how/why do you breed them?

The Safari cat is a relatively new hybrid of cat. Safari cats are extremely hard to breed. The were originally bred back in the 1970's for use in Leukemia research. The reason they breed them for research and also the reason they are difficult to breed is due to the difference in the number of chromosomes in the breeds. You see the domestic cat (in this case an Egyptian Mau) carries 38 chromosomes. However, the Geoffroy cat has only 36! The resulting Hybrid Safari has 37. The Safari is not just a new hybrid they are a new species!!. This is also what increases their size dramatically. 

They are VERY, VERY rare only 100 have been registered in the US as of February 2013. They are highly intelligent and very fast, and they are considered to have the most affectionate personality of all hybrids.  

I think as difficult as these guys are to get....they will remain the rarest of hybrid cats.However, since they are the most unusually and beautiful of all hybrids, we at Cattitude will continue to enjoy our litters! Please call if you would like to be put on our waiting list.
Nessa - Female
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two Golden female Safari cubs
 This is Ogre, he has a variety of lovable qualities. He greets me in the morning by standing up and putting his paws on my waist so I can pet him. He will bring me toys when he wants to play fetch. He is a purrr machine that loves to snuggle and has no concept of personal space! LOL 
He frequently sits on my lap or lays on sleeps while I do homework or watch TV. When he gets excited he does this chatter thing. He is fantastic with new people and has no problem investigating them and getting them to pet him. He is definitely not shy. He is playful, loving feather toys above all others. 
Often when he sleeps he sprowled out like a bear rug! He will also come like a dog when I whistle. He is wonderfully affectionate with super soft fur and a loving personality.
New F1 Male Safari now available! The snow leopard male is thoroughly social, sweet loving disposition! Most F1's go for $8,000-$10,000. However because we are wanting to promote this amazing breed the price of this beauty is only $5400
Ogre is an F1 Safari one of the most rare breeds of cats! most F1 Safaris will sell for $10,000 this boy at 1 year old weight is 16+lbs. Charting to be 23+ lbs full grown. He is for sale for $8,000