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Cats with Cattitude

Wow, what a nice cattery! Renee and her husband are very warm and friendly. They are wonderful keepers and have a very clean facility. You can definitely tell that she cares for and plays with her cats/kittens very well to socialize them. All of the cats were very healthy and friendly and would make anyone a perfect pet! She is in a very secluded area in Missouri that is beautiful and peaceful. 

                                          We would highly recommend Cats with Cattitude to anyone that is looking for their “furever” companion! 
                                           Rachel and Carol Schuetze, Kansas

Gawain is awesome--we already love him so much! He has been incredibly well-behaved, and took to us right away. He sleeps every night in my arms, and spends several hours each day (right now, in fact) snuggled on my lap while I type. He is very playful, and has lots of toys that he enjoys. He is learning his name 
- Michelle

They begin to be more relaxed: they play and do sprints across the length of the housing (12 meters in the living room without obstacles) They seem to enjoy their new home. Sinsation starts wanting to get hugs. They look at me both with this question in his eyes, "then you'll keep us?" It's like they want to trust but they are still a little suspicious ... "If I give you my heart, do what you're going to take it or not?" They are very lovable and not at all aggressive 
- Danielle

I absolutely love the cats! Tabitha has to be the sweetest kitten I've ever had. She loves to be held and babied. I adore her!
 Shelli is beginning to warm up to me, as long as I let her come to me and don't try to go to her 
- Fritzy
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