Rare & Exotic Cats

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These amazingly wonderful creatures are the driving force behind the Cattitude team of dedicated professionals. Our single-minded goal is to provide our clients with the healthiest, most beautiful exotic cats.

If you’re you looking to add a new cat to your family unit, but want a rare breed or a new species of felines, look no further than Cats with Cattitude!

Through our team's concerted efforts and years of experience, we have developed methods and techniques to ensure the outstanding quality of our cats. When you purchase an exotic cat from our selection, you are assured of getting an outstanding companion you can share endless hours of fun with.

At Cattitude, we make sure to keep our clients' best interests in mind. This is why we keep abreast with the latest developments and trends which help ensure the very best in the breeding, health, color, and head shape of all our Bengals, Geoffreys, Safari Cats, and Egyptian Maus.

The Egyptian Mau

An Egyptian Mau is one of the most exotic domesticated breeds of cat that you will ever come across, but don’t let the exotic spotting fool you—Maus are very loyal to their owners. Unlike the leopard or cheetah, which the spots on a Mau are reminiscent of, these felines are very docile, lovable, personable, and make great companions. Learn more on our Egyptian Mau page or see the Egyptian Maus we have available.

The Bengal

The Bengal is a domesticated cat breed that is a hybrid of the Asian Leopard and the Egyptian Mau. This gives them their "snow leopard" quality. The Bengal is an average-to-large-sized, spotted cat, normally weighing from 8 to 15 pounds. On top of having beautiful, distinctive, wild-like spots, Bengal are intelligent, active, and energetic. They love their owners and sometimes act quite dog-like—playing games like fetch and following their owners around. Many owners report easily leash training their Bengal to take them outside. See the Bengals we have available.

The Geoffrey

The Geoffrey is a wild cat originating in South America. They are rugged little power houses with hauntingly beautiful markings. Their coat color can vary from a silver to a burnt orange, depending on from which part of South America they originate. They all (except the black, melanistic ones) have the ocelli on the back of each ear. The Geoffrey, like most cats, is nocturnal. They do most of their hunting by night—looking for small rodents, birds, and other vermin. They are skilled climbers, and are even able to catch prey hanging upside down from a tree branch.

Geoffreys need an experienced owner and someone who can spend a lot of quality time with their Geoffrey. They are easily tamed and can be loving pets, but they must be in close contact with their owner so that they do not revert back to their wild nature. A possible alternative to the pure Geoffreys is the Safari cat (see below). See the Geoffreys we have available.

The Safari Cat

The Safari Cat is a relatively new hybrid of cat—created from the Egyptian Mau and the Geoffrey—and are extremely hard to breed. The were originally bred in the 1970's for use in Leukemia research. The reason they bred them for research (and also the reason they are difficult to breed) is due to the difference in the number of chromosomes in the breeds. An Egyptian Mau carries 38 chromosomes, but the Geoffrey cat has only 36. The resulting hybrid Safari Cat has 37. The Safari is not just a new hybrid they are a new species! This is also what increases their size dramatically.

They are very rare, highly intelligent, very fast, and are considered to have the most affectionate personality of all hybrids. Due to these traits and the rarity of a litter, please contact us to see about availability. See the Safari Cats we have available.