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two SAFARI cubs
Male Golden Geoffrey
​Check out our available Geoffreys for sale!  Coat color can vary from a silver to a burnt orange color depending on what part of South America they originated from.
​Our Safaris for sale are very docile and sweet when hand raised and make great pets but if you decide to puchase one of these, make sure you have plenty of love for them!

We Offer Egyptian Mau Cats for Sale and Other Exotic Cats

​Welcome to Cattitude : Your first choice for finding the Egyptian Mau for sale  or other cat breed that's perfect for you.

Man's love for cats dates back thousands of years and hasn't stopped since. It's easy to see why cats have such a special place in people's hearts and homes. They are known to be loyal, loving, intelligent and easy to care for. Our fascination with their charm, grace and agility is undeniable as evidenced by the number of cat owners the world over.

Different people have different personalities. Hence, the different requirements when choosing the right pet. Cats too, have different personalities and traits. Different breeds have varying qualities, for instance the Geoffrey cat is a great companion animal. Read on and allow us to help you find the friend you'll cherish for life whether it’s one of our Egyptian mau kittens for sale or one of our other breeds of exotic cats.

The Egyptian Mau is a medium sized, short haired, extremely intelligent breed. They are a one of a kind, naturally spotted domesticated cat. The spotted Mau is an ancient breed from natural stock; its look has not changed significantly as is evidenced by artwork over 3,000 years old. The spots of the Mau occur on both the coat and their skin underneath. Unlike other spotted cats such as the Ocicat or Bengal cat, the Egyptian Mau is a natural breed. Other breeds are created from domestic breed outcross or, in the case of the Bengal cat, domestic outcrosses with wildcats. This is why Maus are a very healthy breed.

The Safari cat is a relatively new hybrid, and is very hard to breed. They were originally bred back in the 1970's for use in Leukemia research. The reason they breed them for research and also the reason they are difficult to breed is due to the difference in the number of chromosomes in the breeds. The Safari cat is not only a new hybrid but are a new species.

Our Available Cats page contains an updated listing of all our offerings, complete with short descriptions and photos to better help you make the best selection. After all, you're not going to get just any other pet, you're choosing a friend for life.

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Egyptian Mau Kittens for sale
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