Cats with Cattitude

Humankind's love for cats dates back thousands of years and hasn't stopped since. It's easy to see why cats have such a special place in people's hearts and homes. They are known to be loyal, loving, intelligent, and easy to care for. Our fascination with their charm, grace, and agility is undeniable as evidenced by the number of cat owners the world over.

Here at Cattitude, we know that different people have different personalities, and therefore different requirements when choosing the right pet. Cats too, have different personalities and different breeds have varying qualities. Read about the breeds we have on our breed page.

Or, if you know which type of cat you’d like to have as your companion, see which kittens we have available!

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Renee Scarcelli

I started raising kittens in 1979 while attending college. My first breed was the Siamese; I’d always been enchanted by their bright blue eyes. During the late ‘80s and the early ‘90s, I raised Persian and Himalayan cats. During this time, I began showing my cats at CFA cat shows around the United States, achieving [ranking] with [cat].

In 1998 I met what was my dream kitty—the Egyptian Mau! Since then, I have had a total love affair with spotted felines, both domestic and Exotic. The Egyptian Mau is a highly intelligent, active, and interactive cat, with some dog-like qualities, including a natural love of fetch and the ability to be leash trained.

The Geoffrey soon came into my purview. I find them absolutely gorgeous and so much fun! Naturally, the Safari Cat—the combination of the Geoffrey and the Egyptian Mau—soon followed. Although they’re hard to raise, it is worth is to pull together the best of both worlds: domestic and exotic, getting that incredible wild look with a beautiful domestic nature.