Egyptian Mau

An Egyptian Mau is one of the most exotic domesticated breeds of cat that you will ever come across. The uniqueness of the breed lies within their historic bloodlines, giving us the only naturally spotted domesticated cat. They are pictured next to pharaohs in ancient Egyptian tombs and are still considered a national treasure in Egypt.

Do not let the exotic spotting fool you—Maus are very loyal to their owners. Unlike the leopard or cheetah, which the spots on a Mau are reminiscent of, these felines are very docile, lovable, personable, and make great companions. They are also fantastic for people who have allergies, as they are considered a hypoallergenic breed.

Though lovable, Maus are higher energy than your average cat. They are always ready to go—they think nothing about pouncing on their playmates, chasing a ball, climbing a high cat tower, splashing in their water bowl, watching over you when you shower, or playing fetch. Maus (although this is true of cats in general) do better in numbers, so we advise considering a pair of Maus.

They mostly want to play, however, they are a loyal bunch of fun.